Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cinta Bermula di Januari


For the past few weeks since this new year, it was okay. The term okay is usually defined as 'biasa-biasa'. What was being biasa-biasa for me ?

1 - The week started so well. Alhamdulillah. It was a moment of joy when you can have a conversation with the long-no-see clasmates, with lotsa foods, no nerve-wrecked thinking bout any assignments, undone experiments or any postponed viva. Everything was settled at that moment and i guess my mind was free. 
Then there was examination weeks coming over. Stress? No doubt. The first paper was the most scariest-paper for me for Fifth Semester. 

2 - Still, exam week. I survived Wastewater Treatment well ( i guess hah). Here comes Environmental Auditing (which I love) and Noise Control (second-most-hated-paper). But I was struggling to get my head balance between tense-for-exam and excitement-going-back-home.

3 - Being home was awesome. Having Damia, with my expected-sister, was no other than joyous moment. I missed them both and she Damia really know how to comfort me. Then back for usm for last paper, Psychology-Basic. But thats not it. Before having the paper, me, Qifa, Tasya, Umirah went for an outing. (Ayin was excluded due to her paper the next day,which also same day as my paper, but i took the paper for granted and it did killed me ) 
For the outing, 
having a good and heavy breakfast at great Taman Tun Sa'adon at 9am, 
 went to town hunting for beautiful street wall mural (which was second time for me), 
mesmerizing memory at Ben's Vintage Toys,
must-go-Chowrasta-old bookstore, 
the famous Pecal at Relau,  
magnificent Penang Hill.

Then, right after the paper, me being sad, go for cendol at Gelugur and met Anwar Hadi. Woo Hoo! That moment, I was the happiest girl ever alive. 

Before went back home, having midnight movie, creepy Mama with Lalan and Shabi and delighted with Chicken Milani, Kapitan. 
Next day, went for a Thailand movie, 3am with Faez. Having nice takotao and drove back home.

4 - Went back to usm for a short briefing with fyp supervisor on Monday. And today is Tuesday. Thursday will be coming and insya Allah, KL- here I come. 
Salam maulidur rasul. 

I'm feeling high now. Higher than a kite. 
I think I fall in love.

Thursday, 3 January 2013



Disebabkan lama tak menulis, dan memandangkan paper pertama pun dah lepas, Effa rasa cam nak menulis. 

 Tahun baharu. Sebenarnya, tak penah buat pun azam sempena tahun baru. Mungkin sebab Effa ni jenis suka yang short-term sahaja. Effa takdak matlamat hidup yang jelas sebab Effa suka ikut flow. Dengan izin Allah, alhamdulillah. 

Then haritu 31/12/12 gi makan kat Seoul Garden. Pastu kawankawan puji sebab Effa rajin masak. (Sebenarnya, Effa suka makan, sebab tu Effa masak). Then dorang cakap moga jodoh datang cepat (nada main main). 

Malam tu, klassmates ada buat malam apresiasi lebih kurang camtu la. Beli 1 kek, roasted ciken, pizza, dll kira makan besar la kann. Dan malam tu we had a long-talked. Memandangkan ada klassmates dah menjangkau 24, soal jodoh sudah dibincang secara terbuka.
Tapi sebenarnya, untuk Effa, masih lagi awkward. Sebab Effa tak rasa nak bercinta pun lagi.

Dengan Faiz (read: fatin izyani) (beberapa hari sebelum tu) ada jugak cakap pasal jodoh ni. Dan kami agree kalau bercinta, takkan overly-attached. Dan Effa sendiri tak suka nak over over ni. Effa nak hubungan yang simple. 

Dalam doa Effa, mintak kalau memang ada jodoh, dekatkan lah kami. Kalau dia bukan jodoh, jauhkan lah.