Tuesday, 27 December 2011

telah ditentukan

assalamualaikum .

Trying hard to fight these tears
Crazy worried
Messing with my head this fear
I'm so sorry
You know, you gotta get it out
I can't take it
That's what being friends about

ni lyrics lagu nih 
: determinate - Lemonade Mouth 

okay . effa tak penah tahu pun pasal kumpulan nih . tapi tengok youtube , bolei tahan gak dorang punya viewers . sooo , effa try lah dengaq lagu determinate nih .
hurmmm . sukaaa ! <3

mula mula  macam eh taksuka lah lagu sedihsedihtacingemo nih . pastuuuu masuk part

I, I wanna cry
I can't deny
Tonight I wanna up and hide
And get inside
It isn't right
I gotta live in my life!

I know I I know I
I know I gotta do it!
I know I I know I
I know I gotta do it!

Gotta turn the world into your dance floor!
Determinate! Determinate!
Push until you can't and then demand more!
Determinate! Determinate!
You and me together!
We can make it better!
Gotta turn the world into your dance floor
Determinate! Determinate!

pastu en , ada part rap . perhhhhhhhh !

Okay, it's Wen and I'm heaven sent
Music like a veteran
Renegade, lemonade use it as my medicine
Go ahead and try to name a band we ain't better than
Reason why the whole world's pickin' us instead of them
People need a breather cuz they're feelin' that adrenaline
Now hurry up and let us in
Cuz we comin' to your house
And people keep on smilin' like thet got lemons in their mouth
I'm the real deal, you know how it feel
Why they're in it for the millsl
We're in it for the thrills
So get down... now...
I aint play around
Put your feet up off the ground
And just make that sound... Cuz... 

 sapa sapa yang nak dengaq lagu tu , try lah carik . effa carik kat music dumper takdak . sobbss . 
guna musicaddict , loading lambat . sedih .
so , kalau nak dengaq , carik seniri ehh . ce try part rap uh . heheheh