Thursday, 14 July 2011

sempena minggu jiwang

A man has 2 options in his relationship, either  STAND UP  to be the man she needs
SIT DOWN so she can see the man standing behind you.

Money can’t buy happiness
but it can buy marshmallows,
which are pretty much the same thing .

Cinderella did not Facebook stalk Prince Charming .

People will talk about me when they envy me and the life I have .
Let them .
I affected their life .Don’t let them affect mine .

Life is full of fake people .
So before you decide to judge them ,
make sure you’re not one of them .

Be kind to unkind people ,
they often need it the most .
pity them .

Pain is inevitable ,
suffering is optional .
I agree .

Intelligence is sexy

Keep it classy ,
never trashy .
Just a little bit nasty . :P

 Follow your heart .
But don’t forget to take your BRAIN with you , too .

act your age
not your shoe size . !

There are so many people that will tell you tahat you can’t .
What you’ve got to say ,

if he doen’t chase you when you walk away ,
keep walking .

Keep your Heels , Head and Standards high .

kalau ada tak puas hati , boleh conteng kat  effa punya world of text .

tapi plis , jangan padam apa yang orang laen tulis oke ?
effa nak baca .

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