Thursday, 7 April 2011

love pain

effa sukarelawan untuk kempen TANGISAN JIWA .
bes ! p skola skulboy sm westland 
bes jadik dorang . muka muka problem-free

meet mochi - the dark one
and yang terlentang tuu , honey .
faez beli mochi and dango sebab nak honey dapat kawan . bila baby lari umah .
tapi skang mochi and dango conquer , HAHAHAH
siannnn honey !

ini dua hidangan supper effa . dah brapa malam beturut turut asek lapaq bila jam koi 12 .
damn .  kata nak diet ?
sejenak : why is the evilness in me getting wilder ? or am i turning into devil ? sometimes i pity for them who i hurt their heart but do remember , i'm not the one who started this . but hell yeah i like to get revenge cause baby i am a karma believer . a part of me wants me to stop all these . another part is begging to keep on moving .  let time decides because previous decision of mine , did kill me . now i can stand tall and fly high with these new wings . let me do it my way , leave it or eat it . i dont really care .
i swear ,
for those who love me , i' ll show my love .
for those who need me , i'll be for you .
for those who hurt me . just be ready
for you that have been waiting for me , i am devil now . can you accept me ?

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