Thursday, 21 April 2011

warning : dont read this because this is super damn boring

today i started my day with iek 108

wanna know more ?
i tell you . so please , second warning ,
dont read this if you really out of mood or just have your meal .
you either tend to sleep or
vomit the food back . oke ?

iek 108
it is a subject that called units' operation and as far as i learned , basically it is about fluid dynamics .
so guys , fluid is moving in a pipe rite ? no doubt .
so it is our job to find the pressure , the velocity , the power needed to operate the power plant .
not only that , we have been introduced to some called apparatus in measuring the units such as decanter , ventury etc . seriously i dont know the relation of those apparatus i had mentioned above .
just hoping they would not be in my paper this monday .*pls God
Sometimes i get fed up with all this things as i do know , when i get into my jobs , there would no such thing
' finding pressure ( like we're doing now )'
because , in reality , machine would measure them for us . =.='

based on faez , she said mathematics is the physic's language . you dont understand maths , you cant learn physics . 
i hate maths . and i donno why God creates Fareha Razali to learn maths . 
Maths make me dizzy , drive me crazy .
it consist of some boring-damn-hard+tough=chapter .
differential equation , 3-axis of coordinates , double integration , partial derivatives 
some more , the-killing- infinite siries last , fourier series .
thank God . the last chapter wont be in final paper . fiuhhhh ~

introduction to environmental technology . we learnt about this dying earth .
atmosphere . hydrosphere . lithosphere . and some on environmental management 
as i havent started my revision yet , so  this is only  i can tell you . oh . got experiments that damn enjoy i tell you . yes . great . if you are really nature's lover , you would enjoy this course . <3
i like it much but there are tonnes notes to read about and not to forget , some calculation need to dig .

solid waste management . this subject did opened my eyes . see this world in wider angle and another side .
how many of you ever think about people working as garbage collector ? about garbage lorry's schedule ? here we are . working with them .
  • making their job more efficient ,
  • weighing all waste you have been wasted ( much of them are food waste )
  • knowing elements contained in waste so that we can separate them whether can be recycle or just dump in landfill site or even burn in hell  ( okay . no lahhh , in incineration , of course )
okayyy . finish already my review on my course .
- environmental technology 2nd semester -
* i did it because i had promised to write on my course in my prev-prev-prev-prev entry . so , here i made my promise .
* also write in english due to LSP paper tomorrow .wish me luck yawwww .  yah . bad english rite ? takpa laaaah ~~
* currently into ballad songs . ohhhh ~~~~ 
* my prev entry : i mean , my heart

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